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English vocabulary practice

Having covered a module from their English book “Channel 1″, the students of Year 5 wrote a test. They usually manage to write it in 30 min., so I’ve been thinking  what interesting and engaging  could be done during those 15 min., as the lesson lasts 45min.

I had different magazine pictures cut out beforehand, so it was high time to use them. Students had been warned that after writing and shortly self-checking the test, they were supposed to take a pile of 10 pictures, return back to their working place and in pairs glue the pictures (making a poster), write the right word which depicts the object and make a sentence or a question with that word. I emphasized that it  was important to work in a team and help each other.

Some examples

They were really excited, though some of them were unwilling to work in pairs. 15 minutes  were not enough, but luckily we had one more lesson on that day, so they had a chance to finish everything within 10 min. of the second lesson.

If you have some spare time, a kind of presentation could/should/ be arranged. The students of mine just examined their classmates’ posters and shared some comments.

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