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Kūrybiška idėja #1/ Creative idea #1

I’ve come across a great website, where you are provided with  ”a template” to make your own newspaper with your own story, date and name. It’s a useful idea for lessons, crafts and similar little things. I’ve placed one of Aesop’s fables - the result is in the photo. Enjoy!

Užtikau nerealų dalyką, tinkantį pamokoms, rankdarbiams ir panašiems reikalams. Tai internetinis puslapis, kuriame galite įvesti savo norimą tekstą, datą ir sugalvotą laikraščio pavadinimą. Panaudojimo galimybės neribotos! Mano išbandyta versija su Ezopo pasakėčia patalpinta nuotraukoje.

Rodyk draugams


I’m  an English teacher from Lithuania. I’m looking for a teacher from every continent of the world who would like to create (fill in with entries, photos, ideas, magazine cutouts, etc.) and exchange a notebook with me (for me). I would do the same for you.

The “content” of the entry could be discussed. You would  say what you want to see in the notebook created for you (culture, traditional/local things, creative tips for lessons or events, personal development ideas or inspirational examples/thoughts)I would share my expectations (but they would be similar to the above noted).

If you are interested we could do a trial version (thinner notebook) for 1-2 months , send them to eacher other to see if we are going the “right” way and then to create a thicker notebook which would comprise a longer period.

Here you can see some preparations for my notebook for a teacher from Holland (I’m going to include many things: inspiring and personal photos, stickers, poems, sayings, jokes, descriptions about my country, myself, creative teaching ideas and many other things)

I hope that THAT  creative personality are you! Aren’t you?

P.S. More visual examples of the notebook

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Rodyk draugams

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