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I’m  an English teacher from Lithuania. I’m looking for a teacher from every continent of the world who would like to create (fill in with entries, photos, ideas, magazine cutouts, etc.) and exchange a notebook with me (for me). I would do the same for you.

The “content” of the entry could be discussed. You would  say what you want to see in the notebook created for you (culture, traditional/local things, creative tips for lessons or events, personal development ideas or inspirational examples/thoughts)I would share my expectations (but they would be similar to the above noted).

If you are interested we could do a trial version (thinner notebook) for 1-2 months , send them to eacher other to see if we are going the “right” way and then to create a thicker notebook which would comprise a longer period.

Here you can see some preparations for my notebook for a teacher from Holland (I’m going to include many things: inspiring and personal photos, stickers, poems, sayings, jokes, descriptions about my country, myself, creative teaching ideas and many other things)

I hope that THAT  creative personality are you! Aren’t you?

P.S. More visual examples of the notebook

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